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Life Cycles: Reclaiming your natural rhythms

Journal Prompt:

  1. Reflecting on the previous season of my life, what did I learn that I did not plan to learn?

  2. How did I grow in ways I didn't imagine growing?

  3. What am I aware of within my inner landscapes that was previously unknown to me?

  4. What new inner resources did I discover?

  5. What external resources did I discover?

  6. What were some of the little victories of the past season of my life? What challenges did I overcome?

As you reflect on your answers to these, may your remember that the current season of your life holds unknown potential and unfolding personal power for you. Take some time to consider how you might like to grow, shift, or evolve in the following areas:

  1. In your psyche

  2. In your body

  3. In your soul

  4. In your relationships

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