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"In just 2 hours I was able to access parts of myself that I have never been able to access. I felt the freedom to experience whatever came up without judgment. Amanda is an amazing guide, helping me access the parts of me that are dying to come out. I felt safe, loved, and supported. I now have so much more insight into myself and my relationship."  

Kate in Chicago

"I'm 40 years old now and have been in and out of traditional talk therapy and psychotherapy since I was 12. In 28 years, it just hadn't helped - although I desperately wanted to heal.​ It seemed like no matter how much progress I thought I'd made, I'd always end up feeling the same old way, trapped in an endless cycle. 


I've had 14 private sessions with Amanda now. In the beginning I honestly didn't trust that it would work. I don't think I'll ever be happier about being wrong. ​I've now been able to relieve symptoms during flashbacks, to calm panic attacks, and release trauma from my body.


I am no longer debilitated by symptoms and I can feel a reality where stress and trauma don't rule my life. It's like I was living in a dark forest of perpetual night and the sun is just rising for the first time."​

Alex in Portland

"Before working with Amanda, I lived most of my life in my head and was disconnected from my body. Things were great on paper as I was living the way I thought I “should”, but I suffered from depression and insomnia, and felt a constant anxiety that always kept me asking, "is there more to life than this?" 

With Amanda, a whole new world opened up for me. I was finally able to work through the underlying subconscious patterns that were holding me back and causing me to feel like I was just going through the motions in life. It was such a liberating process that completely changed my life path.


She helped me trust myself to do what lights up my soul. I went from working in a 9-5 corporate job to being connected with nature every day. I could not be happier now, living in a way that feels truly aligned with what that deepest parts of me really want."

Evan in Denver

"Amanda is so passionate and talented when it comes to trauma healing. I saw her when I was feeling stuck and powerless over a physical trauma response I was having. I left our sessions feeling more agency in my body. She thrives on providing that for others. I highly recommend working with her."

Shannon in Chicago

"I've been in and out of traditional therapy for over 10 years. Doctors would write me a drug prescription and scoot me out the door. This only made things worse. I felt unheard and invisible. I was having a spiritual crisis, and I knew there was no pill for that. I decided to try a different approach.


Amanda is the only therapist that chose not to label me, not to try and "fix" me, and not fit me into society's boxes. She gave me the tools I needed to heal myself. I highly recommend her to anyone going down the path of inner work and self discovery."

Sierra in Iowa

"I was quite nervous as I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but from the moment I walked in the door, Amanda's demeanor and calming presence put me at ease. She would constantly remind me that where I am in the present moment is okay. I gained so much from being open to learning and sharing without fear of judgment. Amanda has a passion for helping others that is apparent to anyone who meets her even once. It is more than just a job for her, it is her passion. She truly cares about people."    

Vanessa in Colorado

"My first learning experience with Amanda happened the day after I received a complex-PTSD diagnosis. She shared a similar story to mine and gave me hope that I can heal from the trauma I've experienced. Since then, I've had profound healing experiences in her classes and workshops. Every step of the way she has gone above and beyond any expectations I could have. She genuinely cares about her clients and students and it shows in her devotion to helping others along this challenging journey."

Kristin in Portland

"I've experienced some truly life-changing healing by working with Amanda. Previously, I had felt terrified and stuck when it came to speaking up about my needs and feelings. This caused misunderstanding and frustration in my relationships. Working with Amanda has enabled me to advocate for myself. Now, I step into conversations with an ability to own my value. This has reoriented my life. Instead of being terrified, I am able to stay grounded even when other people around me are triggered. I feel more love for myself, and my relationships are more fulfilling."

Tracy in Idaho

"I had gone to traditional therapy for 20 years. Without fail, I would have these overwhelming freeze responses when talking about the traumatic events of my past, causing me to get stuck in a non-verbal state. I felt frustrated, discouraged, and hopeless. 


The work I've done with Amanda is deeper than anything I've done before. Her scientific, body-centered approach and the safe, nurturing space that is created when we work together allows me to be at ease. My words come freely, and I've learned how to honor my needs. I feel the transformation. I'm now experiencing myself in a totally different way. It feels like a new discovery, like i just got a gift, a door unlocked. Very exhilarating!!"

Devyn in Boston

"The power of Amanda's support continues to ripple in my life. I would have never been able to move beyond the familiar (yet limiting) constructs that I had grown so attached to, including a job and long-term relationship that simply weren't allowing me to expand...


I've now made some drastic shifts. My mental habits have changed. I moved to a new city and have a new career that is far healthier for me. For once, I am thinking about myself and not being distracted by giving all of my energy away to draining relationships. An important transition has happened, and I would not have this level of understanding and connection in my life if it wasn't for Amanda's impact." 

Chris in New York
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