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Navigating Holiday Triggers

This time of year can be a time of stress, inner-child emotions, or even loneliness and grief.

Use the cheat sheet and various practices below to help you navigate the challenges of the season with skill, approaching triggers as opportunities for healing and personal expansion.

Note: Please practice harm-reduction by agreeing not to reproduce this content for your own business. These practices are meant to be offered in a specific container of trauma-skilled somatic-psychological support as each practice will open a new layer of self-awareness within individuals that may require expert trauma support.

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Practical exercises for Navigating Triggers

1. Identifying Subconscious Beliefs

a. When triggered, ask yourself: "How does this trigger cause me feel about myself and my value in the world."

b. Now, ask yourself if this is a new or old way of feeling. Have you felt like this in the past? Perhaps for a very long time?

c. If it is an old way of feeling, you have just identified a subconscious perception or belief about your value and your relationship to the world. The work now is to shift that belief by nurturing your relationship with yourself.

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2. Shift your relationship with Ambiguity

a. When a trigger occurs, step back and ask yourself, "Am I making assumptions this situation? Am I assuming this person triggered me because of their lack of value or respect for me?"

"Am I assuming that a situation did not work out because of some negative agenda that someone else has?"

b. Now, ask this, "Does my current way of feeling in this situation at all resemble old feelings that I have about myself and my value in the world?"

c. If yes, then recognize that you are probably projecting your subconscious beliefs, perceptions, and core wounds onto the situation.

d. Now, consider 5 other possibilities that could be true about why this triggering person or event has shown up the way it has... Write down 5 other possibilities including: 2 possibilities that are negative, 2 possibilities that are positive, and 1 possibility that is neutral.

e. Now that you can see that this event is really ambiguous... meaning that you do not know the reasons for it occurring, can you see that your previous perception may actually be tied to your subconscious belief or core wound?

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3. Move from your Mind to Your Body: A Trauma-Skilled Movement Practice + Chinese Medicine Acupressure

4. Re-watch the webinar

Explore more in-depth topics by watching the webinar here. The recording will be deleted on December 7 - so make sure you schedule it in! Click here to view it!

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