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Why do you keep repeating the same old stress?

How frustrating is it when you start a new job, relationship, or chapter of your life, and you just end up feeling the same old stress? REALLY FRUSTRATING ... So why does it keep happening? In over a decade immersed in holistic psychology, I've discovered the following reasons why people keep repeating stress...

1. The subconscious mind This aspect of your psyche controls how you perceive yourself and your importance in the world. This is why sons of wealthy fathers grow up to be men who constantly stress over preserving family wealth ... Or why daughters of unhealthy parents grow up to become exhausted caregivers. These identities are not who we really are. They’re just how our early environment conditioned us to see ourselves. When we hold these perceptions as true, we limit our creative range. We repress our desires, and we hold ourselves back from taking roads less traveled. This keeps us feeling empty – despite how successful we may appear on the outside. 2. Disconnection from your body Your body contains 10 million sensory neurons that know exactly what you need to live the highest possible outcome for your life. They know what you need to feel THE FLOW OF JOY THROUGH YOUR BODY. These neurons are constantly trying to tell your brain what you need. But when your brain is fixated on proving yourself to the world versus listening to what your body is telling you, these messages don’t get through. This disconnect is why people stay in work environments that make their minds and bodies sick ... It's why people get stuck in relationships that don't allow them to expand... It's the reason some people go their entire lives without discovering what lights them up. 3. Extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation This expresses as perceiving ourselves as part of the man-made WORLD versus part of Earth. We believe that we must prove ourselves to other people - we even center our lives around it. We are too zoomed-in on “how can I be more important” … we don’t zoom-out on “how will my actions impact the next seven generations on this planet?”

Our lives are human-centric vs. planet-centric. We forget that we are part of something BIGGER THAN OURSELVES. This causes us to chase the next high, the next goal, only to find brief fulfillment followed by an emptiness of the soul. The truth is… you originated as a natural species on this planet, with a role to play in the ECO-SYSTEM ... Discovering that role would bring you tremendous satisfaction. Continuous feelings inside your body of actual JOY. A natural high that withstands time. If you’re at a crossroads, wanting to move beyond the same old stress … then perhaps it’s time to learn how this list above is impacting the quality of your own life. That’s EXACTLY what we do in client sessions. Check out Laura’s testimony below to see how she transformed her life after being laid off from her job in the tech industry.

Client Testimonial “The other day I felt joy in my body. It was odd to recognize that I haven’t felt that in years… like actually FELT it … I began working with Amanda after being laid off from my job in the tech industry. I had been living with the constant pressure of perfectionism and adversarial work environments along with the added stress of autoimmunity. Throughout my life I also struggled to 'break-up with people' - keeping me in relationships that didn't nourish me - both professionally and personally. I was ready for big change. I no longer wanted to trade my quality of life for professional achievement, but I knew that I hadn't done my life's most meaningful work yet. I wanted to learn and grow with a supportive team of colleagues. I craved more agency over my schedule. I wanted more flow, creativity, and play in my personal life. I began a 12-month program with Amanda. Immediately, I noticed some of my oldest patterns of imbalance unwind and healthier patterns emerge. Small, consistent strides resulted in significant shifts in my life. (My 8-year-old daughter even enjoyed doing some of the embodiment practices with me!) I learned how to use my body as a guide for decision making. I began saying NO … no to client relationships that didn’t fulfill me. No to business demands that didn’t respect my needs and boundaries. Then, I started receiving all these new job offers. To make my decision, I applied everything Amanda had taught me. Instead of freezing in fear about “missing out on a great opportunity,” I felt into what might bring me the most JOY. I felt into my body to see how much room there was for ME in these opportunities. I accepted a permanent position with a new company that ALIGNS with my higher visions for my professional life AND personal well-being. It's strange and sad to realize that I hadn’t felt the FEELING of joy in my body in years. I’m just grateful to be able to feel it again, and it's in no small way because of my work with Amanda.” -Laura in Salt Lake City

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