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Grow the Scorched Ground Green

That's why we're here!

You can feel it and so can I. It’s inescapable. We swim in the same water and we need and want the same things.

A fundamental human truth that becomes convoluted the moment we turn on the evening news.

INFLAMED. That’s what we see of the world. And it gets inside of us. And we start pointing fingers. Choosing sides. Closing our hearts to the unvoiced stories from those on the other side of the wall.

The Middle East is inside of me, but not because I have loved ones in the West Bank and Jerusalem...

Not because I lived there for a month back in 2019, breaking bread with Palestinian families, walking along the West Bank Barrier, hearing their stories of what it was like to be a 5-year-old watching the military kill your family member because they opened the front door 1-minute passed curfew.

The Middle East is inside of me.

Not because I swam in the Dead Sea or because my life partner is Jewish.

The Middle East is inside of me for the same reason that it’s inside of you. The same reason you’re still reading this email when you could have just deleted it…. or chosen to scroll the news feed instead.

You’re here, reading these words right now with hundreds of readers across 14+ nations ... and that’s because we're interwoven by a common thread:

The craving for change. For revolution. To have some solace that your children are not going to inherit a world of unfixable human trauma and irreparable ecological loss.

Yes, dear human. I feel you, and it's okay to be sad right now. To feel as if you’ve lost all faith in humanity.

Sometimes, that darkest place inside of our soul is exactly where we need to go to gain the perspective that we need to RE-GENERATE our lives, to birth something new … and this time we’ll do it from our hearts, and NOT FROM OUR TRAUMA.

The Middle East is a real-world representation of the dramatic shifts happening within the human psyche. Extremism – in all forms and on every side – is being exposed for what it is:

A DE-GENERATIVE mindset that's losing its stronghold on the collective human psyche.

We are shifting. Into a new paradigm. All over the world.

In fact, right now, I'm writing you from my home here in Guatemala where our indigenous Mayan neighbors are protesting to uphold democracy. The struggle is real! And the people aren't backing down.

This revolutionary energy is all over the globe right now because we are living in a pivotal time in human history (and in natural history) in which we CANNOT consent to the unconscious, self-centric, pathological leadership that has brought our planet to its tipping point.

We CANNOT continue in this way … at least not without destroying our species.

Every cell in our bodies knows that we must turn the ship around. That we cannot wait for leadership to direct us on how to do that.

Instead, we must contact that deepest part of ourselves. The part of you where your bleeding heart for the Middle East resides.

The part that craves change.

The part that doesn’t know what that will mean for you, but that you’re willing to take a chance.

Because what lies behind you is NOT the way forward. And you know that, down to your core.

For the past year, I’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop a program that can meet humanity right where you are.

I’m here to help you undo the damage that stress has done to your psyche and body.

I’m here to help you answer questions like, "What's my role in the ECOSYSTEM" ... and "Why am I here, in this crazy time in human history?"

I’m celebrating this new feeling that’s sweeping over your soul, the one that’s telling you to widen your life purpose… to do something that re-generates the health of our planet.

That’s exactly what our programs launching in 2024 are all about. And before too long, I’ll finally get the green light to give you the details.

(That's a day I feel like I’ve been waiting for my entire life … gathering humanitarian spirits together in a group of unstoppable intentionality … WHOA!! What could be more exciting than that?! Is there anything? Let me know if so!)

But for now… we must complete the PRE-REQUISITES for that collaborative work.

We must allow ourselves to FEEL, as deeply as we can feel, the wounding of the old paradigm upon our hearts.

We must allow the world, in all its chaos, to TRIGGER us, and then we must pull our pain and frustration and our feelings of “it doesn’t make any sense… why’s it have to be this way…?!” even CLOSER.

So we can understand, fully, inside and out, what we’re walking AWAY from.

Because you, and me, and all of us across 14+ nations on this email … we are in the process of breaking-up with our former motivations, the obsolete consciousness of failing leadership, and the self we once were.

We’re growing up, as a humanity. And it’s painful.

But I promise you this … if you stay connected to our community here at Psyche Body Soul … together, we’re gonna make it absolutely beautiful.

Let’s grow the scorched ground green, lovers ... That’s why we’re here.

Heart and Soul,


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