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Meditating Together

Reclaim Your Energy

Break problematic psycho-emotional patterns - Regulate your nervous system - Expand subconscious awareness

Reclaim Your Energy 

This three-part series is self-paced.

To maximize the benefits of Self-Study, sessions are customized to meet the unique needs of participants

$175 for the entire series

Your relationship with yourself determines everything

The quality of our relationships are often a mirror to our inner worlds; replicas of our belief systems, values, and fears.

If we carry unhealed trauma or negative beliefs from past experiences, we continually re-encounter those uncomfortable experiences through our external relationships - and not just romantic relationships. We encounter struggles in friendships, work relationships, and even with new acquaintances.

If you are ready to exit the cycles of repetitive relationship anguish and reliving trauma, this Self-Study Series can help.


You will never be asked to share personal information with the group.

You will be guided in an informative and introspective experience that enables you to see how your inner world is attracting certain external experiences.

Each session is delivered with a trauma-informed approach to help participants establish an inner baseline of safety and stability as we navigate the material.

Each session will include grounding movement, discussion, self-inquiry exercises, and offer embodiment rituals for you to continue throughout the week to help you transition from healing the old into embodying the new.

Here's what you'll explore:

Session 1:
August 9 at 6pm MT

Neuroception informs your body and brain if you are safe or unsafe.

Chronic stress, emotional triggers, and post-trauma symptoms arise from feeling unsafe even when we are actually safe. Usually this happens at an unconscious level.


In this session, you'll consciously experience neuroception to reclaim a sense of sovereignty & resilience and regulate stress responses. 

Session 2: 
Stress and Relationships
August 16 at 6pm MT

Are you frequently operating in fight-or-flight mode? If so, you may also be feeling disconnect,

irritation, and disharmony in your


Stress impairs the brain's social engagement system, complicating our relationships and dampening our sense of trust and purpose in the world. 

In this session, you'll explore ways to reduce daily stressors, exit fight/flight mode, and support your social engagement system.

Session 3: 
Psyche-Body Rebirth
August 23 at 6pm MT

The world's leading psych researchers have discovered that our mind follows our body. In other words, your feelings of stress or fear begin as a PHYSIOLOGICAL experience. 

These feelings are held in our muscles, organs, viscera, and fascia. By creating a sense of safety, support, trust, and adaptability at the level of our bodies, we can release longstanding stress patterns of anxiety, depression, dissociation, and relationship conflict. 

Primal Vinyasa® Class

Primal Vinyasa® is a trauma-informed therapeutic and functional movement system rooted in the most advanced research in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and psychology. This practice has been clinically shown to liberate practitioners from limiting habits in both psyche and body.  

Each session will be held live and also recorded on Mondays at 6 pm -7:30 pm Mountain Time

Need not attend live to register. All registrants will receive access to the online student portal with all session recordings.

All sessions led by Amanda Blain, holistic therapy professional specializing in yogic psychology, trauma healing, and functional and therapeutic movement. Her training includes education and certifications through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Primal Therapeutics®, Primal Vinyasa®, Yoga Therapeutics, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Body-centered psychotherapy. 

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