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Virtual Wellness Center

Programs that have never failed at delivering the breakthroughs people want...

"This is unlike anything I've done before. The embodiment practices have awakened me to my body's health needs and I feel more connected to myself...

An added bonus for the virtual wellness center is that I have the space and privacy to process personal stuff when I need to, and I've witnessed myself releasing trauma from my body as a result. Amanda's offerings are true medicine."

-Hilary in Texas

Train with Amanda Blain, Biopsychosocial Therapist, trauma specialist, and leadership coach

For over 13 years, I've studied and worked with mind-body science experts throughout the world. This, as well as my personal experience of healing from PTSD, has enabled me to lead thousands of classes and programs in 6 countries, all focused on uniting individuals with their power to transform life circumstance, reclaim choice in their psyche and body, and reinvent themselves beyond the past.


Psyche Body Soul is the byproduct of having witnessed massive transformation in myself and those I've served. Our programs were created after a decade of observing what worked for people when nothing else did. 


Holistic Wellness Package

Face Roller
Chinese Medicine
  • 95% of your serotonin (a neurotransmitter required to feel happiness and desire) is produced by gut bacteria. The condition of your gut's environment plays a major role in your brain chemistry, immune responses, and nervous system patterns. 
  • Many fad diets, such as strict low-fat diets disrupt hormone levels, which affect your ability to experience healthy shifts in moods and regulate emotional swings. 
  •  Your body's ability to remove toxins and distribute nutrients plays a fundamental role in your daily energy levels, the ability to prevent illness, and your overall motivation. Stagnation of internal fluids are related to feelings of depression and are a pre-cursor to disease. 
  • Your psyche and body are in constant communication with one another. An imbalance in one aspect causes in imbalance in the other. Chinese Medicine offers us a lens through which we can identify the imbalances and develop customized protocols to promote healing and harmony. 
  • As a wellness center member, you'll receive expert recommendations for personalized nutrition, herbs, and acupressure regimens so you can experience fitness from the inside out.
  • Bonus: Learn how to reorganize the dynamics of your home, work, and relationships to exit longstanding cycles of imbalance and distress

Group Dance
Movement Therapy
  • Your body holds the stories of your life at the level of your fascial architecture, organ function, nervous system habits, and posture. To help you create new experiences, we'll work on releasing the past from your body.
  • Based on our Chinese Medicine assessments and movement and posture evaluations, we will work together to create a customized movement therapy program to provide you measurable internal fitness as well as external strength and mobility. 
  • We will also personalize a movement schedule that you can stick to ... our goal is to help you feel great while living out some of your most meaningful experiences yet! 
  • As a member, your movement program will incorporate tissue rehabilitation, tutorials in Chinese Medicine acupressure, body-based psychology, and Primal Vinyasa® (a trauma-informed natural human movement system), somatic mediations and more. 
Lying in Green Field
Somatic Psychology
  • Subconscious awareness modules
  • Roadmap for mastering your sensory system (which includes your nervous system)
  • A Chinese Medicine approach to mental health
  • Clinical effective approaches for transforming and healing trauma 
Lying in Green Field
Holistic Psychology
  • Most therapists and coaches work with the neo-cortex of your brain (your rational mind). But stress, trauma, and emotions are linked to your sub-cortex and the limbic system (different parts of the brain). To create lasting change, we have to work with the appropriate aspects of our psyche and body... that's what Somatic Psychology enables us to do. 
  • Subconscious beliefs are at the core of every trigger and stressor ... (something Carl Jung emphasized, but that most modern therapists overlook). In this program, we will use clinically effective methods for addressing the subconscious so you can evolve the way you feel about yourself and your role in the world.  
  • We'll implement the Chinese Medicine 5-Element approach to your mental health to help you make lasting changes in the most SIMPLE and PRACTICAL ways.
  • No more feeling stuck wondering what to do after therapy sessions! We're going to create an action plan to help you transform your personal revelations into new choices and behaviors to ensure that your future is not a replica of the past. 
  • If requested, we will address trauma with holistic clinical approaches that have resulted in healing and liberation for people who were previously discouraged by decades of unsuccessful psychotherapy. 
Wellness ritual.jpeg
Mobile App and Private Wellness Portal
  • Access your individualized wellness plans any time in your private member portal!
  • Instant message me, watch motivating videos, and connect with fellow members on our private social media platform 
  • Participate in group discussions and access exclusive member content anytime, anywhere, via the Spaces app
  • Everything you need in one convenient location that you can access anytime!
How Alex in Oregon healed trauma

"I'm 40 years old now and have been in and out of traditional talk therapy and psychotherapy since I was 12. In 28 years, it just hadn't helped - although I desperately wanted to heal.​ 


I've had 14 private sessions with Amanda now. In the beginning I honestly didn't trust that it would work. I don't think I'll ever be happier about being wrong. ​I've now been able to relieve symptoms during flashbacks, to calm panic attacks, and release trauma from my body. It's like I was living in a dark forest of perpetual night and the sun is just rising for the first time."

How it all happens...
Call Center Headset

Discovery Call

Schedule your discovery call with Amanda, the program founder, to discuss your needs and goals.

Group Dance

Customized Movement 

Once per week receive a holistic movement sequence including guided self-acupressure, Primal Vinyasa®, and somatic awareness exercises.

Face Roller

Holistic Assessment

Once registered, you'll complete an assessment with Amanda that will produce a customized roadmap for your success.

Stack of Books

Online Library & App

Exclusive online library access and mobile app, where you'll find motivational talks, journal prompts, and connect with members of our community on our a private social platform.


Private Sessions

Meet with Amanda once per month for a 90-minute private. You may opt to receive a recording of the session.

Virtual Team Meeting

Monthly Webinar

Tune-in to the monthly webinar to deepen your understanding and assimilation of the program concepts.

By this time next year you could be on the other side of transformation ... 

Registration is now open for
2023 programs.
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