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Online Wellness Center 

Welcome, Laura!
Profile Portrait
Month 1: Cultivating Inner Calm

"Manner of Eating" Chinese Medicine Protocol

Breakfast Porridge Recipe 

Vagus Nerve Reset

Rest, Digest & Ground

Movement Therapy:
Orienting Skills

The Alexander Technique: Neck Free

Movement Therapy: Move from your Mind to your Body

Yellow Flowers
Month 2: De-patterning Old Habits

Daily Body Brush and Oil Protocol: 
Boost Circulation, Flush Lymph, and Boundary your Nervous System

Buttered Chicken Recipe

Buttermilk Oatmeal Recipe

Gabor Mate, MD discusses modern culture, disease, ADD, addiction, and trauma

Movement Maps: Unwinding Neck Patterns

Holding Patterns: Neck & Shoulders

Functional Breath in
Everyday Life

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