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Sensory Motion™

Customized holistic wellness
for your psyche, body, and spirit
What's in your next chapter?

As we age, we may wonder, "will my next chapter be about seeking mechanisms to ward off a growing list of symptoms?


Or will I create new experiences from a place of strength, stamina, and radiance?" 

Here's what one client's new chapter looked like: 

"My goal of being able to walk over 50 miles in a few days for an upcoming bucket list golf trip seemed impossible, daunting, and pain filled as any long walk always agitates prior injuries in my low back - forcing me to give up.


Amanda gave me a customized exercise program. Within a month of using her protocol, I was able to walk and play 18 holes of golf no problem, and build momentum from there. She gave me exercises to counteract the muscles I relied on and helped me build strength in a incremental and consistent way that wasn't intimidating.


My bucket list golf trip was a success! Nothing could stop me from walking the 50 miles. Amanda was a huge part of this personal achievement and I am grateful for her commitment to helping me meet my goal."

Why this is different than any program out there
1. Life changing customized holistic wellness vs. temporary coping tools & fitness fads 

2. Addresses the psyche and body as a connected whole with plans that incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine, Psycho Neuro Immunology, Sensory-motor therapy, fitness, and herbalism 

3. Exclusive anytime access to Psyche Body Soul Online Healing Center

4. Free access to mobile apps to track your improvements and stay connected to your wellness plan even while you're traveling or on-the-go
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Holistic Assessments

Our quality of life is dependent on our ability to efficiently release toxins, convert nutrients into vital energy, regenerate our cells faster than the rate of injury or atrophy, and have a functional and conscious relationship with our sensory system. 

The first step in our work together is to complete a comprehensive holistic therapy assessment to track patterns and acute and chronic conditions in your psyche and body. Next, we customize a program for your needs and goals. 

To achieve this mission, we will rely upon Traditional Chinese Medicine face and tongue assessments in addition to conversations around nervous system, prior injuries, and the challenges and strengths of your current lifestyle habits. 

Enjoying Nature
Customized Movement Maps
There is no effective one-size-fits-all movement plan because every individual has patterned their body's tissue around their own life experiences. Dis-ease presents itself in parts of the body that were chronically compromised in some way - either by tissue restrictions that prevented sufficient blood flow, detoxification, and nutrient delivery, or as the result of over or under-worked tissue based on lifestyle habits, nervous system patterns, unhealed emotions, or debilitating conditions. 

In our work together, we will create a movement map that helps us see your daily patterns and postures and how they correlate with nervous system states, habits, and life situations. We will also assess diet, work-life balance, and additional factors that have an impact on posture, motion, energy levels, brain function, and overall quality of aliveness in your body. 

These findings will guide our work together in which you identify which of these patterns you most wish to transform and what new experiences you'd most like to cultivate in your psyche and body. 

Using sensory-motor therapy, we'll create a new movement map for your daily life that will transform old tissue patterns and build new neural pathways with practice. The result will be an expanded expression of yourself that feels adaptable, clear, and capable of creating new experiences that align with your deepest reasons for being. 
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Mastering the Sensory System

The human heart contains 40,000 brain like neurons that are sensory in nature. These neurons can feel, sense, and predict appropriate responses to stimuli in order to keep you safe and balanced. Your GI tract also contains sensory neurons which can detect if a substance will be harmful or nourishing before you even taste it. In every moment, something called neuroception is enabling you to take in information via your senses so you can adapt, heal, and evolve as natural beings are designed to do. 


Yet excess stimulation, overexertion, and trauma disrupt our ability to effectively respond to sensory information, causing dis-order, dis-ease, and dis-harmony.


With sensory-motor therapy, somatic awareness exercises, and optional herbal therapies we can collaborate on a plan to help you master your sensory system to meet your goals. 

Here's what you get...

Sensory Motion™ Wellness Program

  • comprehensive holistic clinical analysis including posture and movement screenings, nervous system evaluations, Chinese Medicine assessments​​​

  • personalized protocols and 12-month wellness roadmap for your psyche and body

  • private monthly 1-1 sessions via Zoom

  • weekly movement videos customized to your needs and goals

  • emotional and trauma support

  • meditations, motivational talks, wellness webinars​​

  • exclusive access to Psyche Body Soul Online Healing Center and mobile app

  • free access to PostureScreen app to track improvements online (HIPAA compliant)

Total Value: $5,465

Member Price: $4,700 paid annually

Monthly payment plans available upon request. 

Pay-in-full bonus

8 hours of additional training on the psyche-body connection

Support Group

Option to select which 2 workshops to attend in practitioner training 

Support Group

Follow-up support via the app

Group therapy

Total Value: $600

Included as part of this training when you pay-in-full

Next steps to enroll
Study group

Complete application & needs and goal assessments


Choose your schedule

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Secure your enrollment with payment

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