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Relationships and Ancestral Healing

Dear Community,


Please bookmark this page, as the links to this training are intentionally private/hidden, so you will not be able to find this content from this website's menu. This content may not be appropriate for everyone. So, please do not share these links with non-registrants.

Thank you again for choosing to do this deep work, and remember that every time you serve yourself, you are also serving the collective, steering civilization in the direction of empathy, understanding, and cooperation. It may feel heavy at times, but you are on a courageous hero's journey, and you are not alone! 

Please remember that you have a free decompression call with me to help integrate the material. I also offer private sessions and customized trauma-informed Primal Vinyasa® classes

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With love, 

Amanda Blain

Training Materials

Zoom Session
Training Notes
Quick  Tips
Use the Felt-Sense to Transcend
Dissolving Inherited Behaviors
Discomfort as an Intuitive Helper
Primal Vinyasa®

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