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Welcome, Lucie!

Let the journey begin...
Accountability, Consistency, and 100% customized for you...
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Holistic Bio-psycho-social Assessments

These monthly assessments help us determine your current level of bio-psycho-social harmony so we can define the best course of action for self-care protocols, movement therapy, and psyche-body wellness. 

Assessments include Chinese Medicine face and tongue reading, Body Astrology, and Pythagorean numerology. 

Ongoing assessments help us track your progress for goal attainment. 

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Twice monthly deep dive sessions
  • 90-minute session every other week

  • Deep dive your current mental, emotional, physical, and social conditions 

  • Explore the link between your psyche and body 

  • Create action plans for how to implement your discoveries into your life

Covered with Feathers
Monthly Bio-psycho-social Education
  • These recorded classes will deepen your understanding of the key aspects of your journey such as:

    • Subconscious programming 

    • Emotional attachments and core perceptions 

    • Navigating the nervous system 

    • Healing traumatic imprints

Watch them on your own time and go at your own pace throughout the month. 

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Movement Therapy
  • To create lasting transformation in the psyche and body, we need movement therapy to help shift holding patterns of stress, nervous system habits, and traumatic imprints. 

  • Videos are tailored to help you meet your unique needs and goals 

  • Uploaded to your private portal and organized for quick and easy access. 

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Somatic Meditations
  • Transform critical inner narratives ​

  • Shift into loving self-perceptions 

  • Work at the level of your body to shift subconscious patterns and traumatic imprints

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Private Online Portal and Mobile App
  • Your private online portal will be routinely updated to support your journey

  • The mobile app allows you to access your content on the go (like when you're out for a walk or driving in your car). 

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Program Tuition

Holistic Bio-psycho-social Assessments x 6 =             $720                                  

Private sessions x 12  =                                               $3,000

Monthly Webinar x 6 =                                                    $900


Personalized therapy protocols x 12=                        $1,440                                      







Total Program Value:                                       $6,060


Educators & Community Leaders Discount:            - $1,260            

Total Tuition for Lucie:                                    $4,800







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