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Holistic Clinical Therapies CUSTOMIZED for you!  

5 modalities ... 1 practitioner ... proven results


Right now over 10 million sensory neurons in your brain and body are talking to each other. They're discussing how they can help you roll with change, release the past, build trust and fire in your relationships, and finally move through your fears to launch those visions you've been procrastinating or repressing. If you feel stuck, it's because you haven't been focused on this internal support, and that has caused you a lot of stress ... and maybe even some pain. 

Let's build your sensory skills so you can reclaim the parts of yourself that have been forgotten amid the rush of life. Who knows, maybe you'll even invent a whole new self. It's your life and your choice. 

Sensory Skills

Through the lens of Chinese Medicine, we can map the relationships between what you're feeling in your emotions and in your physical body. In over a decade of working with the psyche-body link, I've been there to witness countless "a-ha" moments when people finally connect these dots after feeling lost and hopeless with previous approaches. These are the breakthrough moments when all the confusion melts away and frustrating symptoms begin to reveal what they need from you. This is how we customize your holistic program. 

Chinese Medicine
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Did you know that when you retell the stories of your past wounds, you travel neural pathways of pain, heartache, conflict, and confusion? That's why talk therapy often leaves people stuck feeling the same old emotions.


DID YOU KNOW: talk therapy targets the neo-cortex of your brain, or conscious mind - but your SUBCONSCIOUS is responsible for over 90% of your perceptions, emotions, attachment styles, tissue memories, physiological patterns, nervous system habits, and the use of your creativity. If these are the aspects of your life that you're trying to shift, then yogic psychology can get you unstuck!

Yogic Psychology

Do you access your body as a vessel of instinct and intuition ... or is it a skin suit that you carry into your business meetings, an object that you beautify, or a source of aches and pains? 

What we feel inside of our bodies translates to how we feel inside of our minds. Heavy thoughts? Sluggish bones. Flighty mind? Scampering heart. There is no separation here, and when we go on pretending there is, the consequences are brutal. When you learn to relate to your body as your most valuable resource (not through fitness fads or diets but through personalized wellness) you will come to feel like your most animated expression as you move through the world. 

Movement Therapy
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Why do so many people with trauma struggle to see results in talk therapy? Because that approach targets the neo-cortex of the brain, and trauma is stored in the sub-cortex (which is linked to the physiology and autonomic nervous system). If you've been discouraged by your previous approaches to healing, here's the light at the end of the tunnel: 


Psyche Body Soul has received amazing testimonials from people who found us after decades of unsuccessful trauma therapy. To see what they have to say, click here

Trauma Support
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