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Lifestyle Reboot

Your soul has a code. 

This course will help you discover it. 

It's inside of you and it's guiding your life. 

Unearth the Messages in your stress
Stress and overwhelm are messengers from your brain and body that something needs to change.

In Stage 1 of our work together, we will create a customized plan for balancing your stress hormones and supporting your "feel good" hormones with Body-Centered Therapeutics. 

In this stage, you will be given tools for naturally balancing your brain chemistry to reduce anxiety, overstimulation, and depression for immediate relief. This prepares you for the deeper work in stages 2 & 3...
Language of your soul
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When I first meet new clients, many of them complain of feeling stuck in chronic stress symptoms - even after years of traditional therapy. 

That's because most mainstream therapists do not work with the subconscious mind - yet it governs over 95% of your perceptions, emotions, habits, and relationship dynamics. 


In Stage 2, you will develop a daily relationship with your subconscious, and immediately begin to shift the major areas of challenge in your life. 
Answers inside of you
Are you inspired when you wake up each day, or do you feel that life has lost its spark? 

You're not the same person you were ten years ago, and it's normal to no longer be excited by the things that once motivated you. You see the world differently, you notice how quickly time passes, and you want to make the most of it before it's too late. These are the existential concerns of middle-age. 

How can you organize your life around the things that are most important to you ... the unforgettable moments of connection, the passion projects, the mission-driven work, the exploration of higher meaning, and your very own life purpose?

In stage 3, we'll create a plan to help you manifest these deeper drives of your soul. 

Our programs have never failed at delivering the breakthroughs clients were seeking! 

"Before working with Amanda, my life looked great on paper, but I had struggled with extreme anxiety, years of insomnia, depression, and a sense of disillusionment ... feeling like there had to be more to life, but not knowing what that was or how to access it.


I've since undergone a liberating process. I've gone from working a 9-5 in an office to working in nature everyday. Now, instead of constantly thinking and worrying, I'm living in alignment with what the deepest part of me actually wants."

-Evan in Denver

"The power of Amanda's support continues to ripple in my life. 


I've made some drastic shifts. My mental habits have changed. I moved to a new city and launched a new career that is far healthier for me. For once, I am thinking about myself and not being distracted by giving all of my energy away to draining relationships.


An important transformation has happened, and I would not have this level of connection in my life if it wasn't for Amanda's impact." 

-Chris in New York

Train with Amanda Blain

Holistic Biopsychosocial Therapist
Stress and Trauma Specialist 
Leadership Coach

I've led thousands of classes in 6 countries - all focused on helping individuals heal the root cause of stress and make radical life change. 

Today, Psyche Body Soul's programs have never failed at delivering clients the breakthroughs they were seeking! 

To learn more about the program specifics, click here to receive more info or book your discovery call today! 

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