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The Power of Voice
a therapeutic workshop with Hilary Kuhlmey
(singer, songwriter, artist, and healer)


Date: May 7, 2022
Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm Mountain Time
Cost: $55

Enroll with a friend: $50/each

Join live or watch the recording. 
Customized to your needs. 

                          before it sells out!

Discover the transformative power of your own voice...
Speak your truth. 
Heal your pain. 
Become a masterful self-advocate. 
Unlock your creative power. 


The voice is one of our most prominent and vulnerable forms of self expression. Expression is not only how we communicate but it is how we keep energy moving and free ourselves in our human experience. Freeing ones self is one of the most important parts of healing. 


The things that we say and the way that we say them have great influence on ourselves, others and the environment around us.


Singing allows the voice to move. It opens us up to our connection to the heart and allows us to move the energy and feelings that we are holding onto. When we move the energy we release and we heal. 


The traumas and emotions we hold onto in our body can be so complex that we don’t always know how to express with our words or know how to release the energies. The melodies and movement from a simple hum of song can move the energies that could never be expressed in words alone.

Getting in tune with our words, tones and song can metamorphize blocks and allow us to tap into our creative power and power of expression.

Here's what you'll explore: 

Overcoming Fear

Address the fear and doubt that hinder our self expression.


Develop new mental language that empowers and helps us to believe in oneself.


Practice mindfulness and being in tune with the negative self-talk that holds us back and replacing with new uplifting self-talk.

Get Comfortable with Voice

Walk through exercises to get the voice moving.


Learn to accept ones voice with exercises and new encouraging self talk.


This practice will allow understanding for how to stand strong in one's voice.

Let the Voice Flow

Discovering the history of your own personal journey with your voice.


Allowing free movement of the voice. 


This practice will open up the voice and work on shifting energetic blocks in the voice.

Singing for Medicine

Together we will sing in union to free the voice and freely express


Singing is therapeutic and when done collectively it allows a safe space to express fully while being supported by other voices.


The songs will be customized to be easy to sing along with.

Feeling nervous about joining? Email concerns to

This workshop is guided by Hilary Kuhlmey, singer, songwriter, artist, and healer - dedicated to sharing the

 therapeutic power of the arts. 

Not sure if this training is right for you? Email inquiries to

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