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Rooted Rebirth Mentorship

A regenerative psychology approach for

turning your midlife crisis into a midlife rebirth

A program that's never failed to deliver clients
the breakthroughs they were seeking...

Before working with Amanda, I lived most of my life in my head and was disconnected from my body. Things were great on paper as I was living the way I thought I “should”, but I suffered from depression and insomnia, and felt a constant anxiety that always kept me asking, "is there more to life than this?" 

With Amanda, a whole new world opened up for me. I was finally able to work through the underlying subconscious patterns that were holding me back and causing me to feel like I was just going through the motions in life. It was such a liberating process that completely changed my life path. 


She helped me trust myself to do what lights up my soul. I went from working in a 9-5 corporate job to being connected with nature every day. I could not be happier now, living in a way that feels truly aligned with what that deepest parts of me really want.

Evan in Denver

Explore these key pathways to LASTING transformation...

Meditating on the Beach
Sensory Skills

Need a breakthrough? If you feel stuck, it's perhaps because you haven't been able to hear the internal guidance of your own felt-sense, and that has caused you a lot of stress ... and maybe even some pain.


Here's the good news: right now over 10 million sensory neurons in your brain and body are talking to each other. They're discussing how they can help you roll with change, dissolve anxiety, heal from the past, build trust and fire in your relationships, and finally move through your fears to launch those visions you've been procrastinating or repressing.

In this fundamental phase of our work, you'll learn about your subtle senses such as neuroception, proprioception, interoception, instinct, and intuition. These are the drivers of your being, and having a skilled and informed relationship with each of them is the pathway to change - regardless of your life circumstance.


These aspects of your body's own sensory system may have been inhibited by the overuse of technology, nature deprivation, people-pleasing, overworking, or trauma. When we rebuild sensory skills and reunite with this innate intelligence, we gain an internal compass that guides us through transformation. In other words, we become more of who we really are ... beneath the rush of life. 

Subconscious Mastery
Have you ever made a big change with the hopes that you would create something different? Only to find yourself feeling the same old way?

Our lives are a mirror of what lives in our subconscious minds, which was mostly programmed by age seven. This is why the past often repeats itself (despite all that talk therapy) in the form of emotional triggers, relationship dynamics, creative blockages, and confusion about our life purpose.

Because the subconscious is hidden from our awareness, we can't see these connections, and this leads to frustration when we feel as if we're recycling old conflicts and familiar stress.

The subconscious mind governs over 90% of our psycho-emotional blueprint, and this translates to how we feel in our physical bodies. That's huge! However, this aspect of our being is usually overlooked and unaddressed by the vast majority of therapists who have not yet mastered an experiential understanding of it, and therefore cannot approach it with clients. 

Developing an intimate, daily relationship with your own subconscious can help you master this part of yourself to create a future that's truly original (rather than history in different clothes). 
The Psyche-Body Connection
How many practitioners and coaches have you consulted about your psyche and body? And how challenging has it been to piece together what each of them tell you in order to find a confident path forward?

That labyrinth of confusing information can leave us feeling immobilized. How can we get cohesive answers and move forward in clarity?

Chinese Medicine and body-centered psychology offer a holistic lens through which we can map the correlations between your emotions and your physicality. From there, we'll customize a wellness roadmap to help you meet your goals. 

In over a decade of working with the psyche-body link, I've been there to witness countless "a-ha" moments when people finally connect these dots after feeling lost and hopeless with previous approaches. These are the breakthrough moments when all the confusion melts away and frustrating symptoms begin to reveal what they need from you.

Meditating on the Beach
Listening to your Body
What we feel inside of our bodies translates to how we feel inside of our minds. Heavy thoughts? Sluggish bones. Flighty mind? Scampering heart. There is no separation here, but when we live as if there is, the consequences can feel brutal. Yet, for many people, being consciously present in their bodies is one of the most challenging tasks they'll ever face. 

Deeper than your physical form is your own energetic blueprint that drives the behaviors of your nervous system, hormones, digestion, circulation, and elimination. Each of these processes is intimately connected to your emotions and daily life experiences. 

The language of your body is one of the most masterful tools you can ever access. It can help you process and release the past, strengthen you to set needful boundaries and take healthy risks, and guide you through a reorganization of your life, as is best for your own evolution. 

This is the medicine that allows individuals to cross-over from disease, disorder, and disharmony into someone who is not defined by these labels. 

Your body is the honey, the true guru, that will put you in contact with your deeper reasons for being ... if you learn to listen. 
Sandy Beach
Your Energy Signature
What do you bring to this world through your essence - that part of you that would still emanate regardless of your job title, location, or status in society? 

What motivates you ... is it an intrinsic or extrinsic factor? 

Are you complete?

If we're going to feel fully ourselves, we need to find these answers, and that's what we'll do through an invigorating and revelatory journey of mapping where you've come from, what you've gained along the way, what you'd like to shed to move forward, and how to release any fears that are still holding you back. 

You'll come away from this experience being motivated by your own originality ... instead of feeling limited by the ideas and demands of the world. Read that again.

Forest Trees
Emotional and Trauma Support
Why do so many people with trauma struggle to see results in talk therapy? Because that approach targets the neo-cortex of the brain ... but trauma is stored in the sub-cortex (linked to the physiology and autonomic nervous system). What that means is to effectively heal, the body must be included in the process. 

Our body-centered therapy programs have received amazing testimonials from persons who once felt debilitated, immobilized, and perpetually confused by symptoms that would repeatedly hijack their lives. After being discouraged by decades of traditional therapy, these individuals decided to try a new approach, and they are still part of our community today - expanding in ways that were unimaginable not that long ago. 

Perhaps there's something powerful about being supported by a therapist who had to personally heal from PTSD. Every aspect of our programs is advanced in its trauma-informed approach in that it combines clinical skill with a lived experience of post-traumatic stress.

If you are ready to regulate your responses to sensory input and connect to a part of yourself that bravely guides you into life beyond the wound, then here is the way forward. 

This time next year,
you could be on the other side of transformation.
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