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An oasis for disillusioned professionals craving radical change

Shifting your life purpose is hard. Here, you'll find all the support you need to navigate those challenges, while being part of a like-minded community focused on making the world a better place. 

The Oasis 

If you feel like something's missing, this is it! 

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Have you noticed an ache inside your soul?  


That ache is your intuition, and you're going to need that to take you where you're going.


"But, where am I going?" you ask.


You're going towards a new lifestyle that aligns with the bigger picture of why you're here.

You're shedding aspects of your culture that don't align with your values.


You're creating new rituals that make you feel alive, connected, and like you're part of a solution that the world really needs.


"That sounds great, but I can't just blow up my life to make all these changes," you say.


Yes, change is challenging ... but it's a lot easier when you're part of a community of like-minded people who are also going through massive transformation.


The Golden Thread is an online oasis where overwhelmed & disillusioned professionals heal stress while going through big life change and learning how to better serve our planet. 


Beach Waves

Monthly Coaching for Navigating Change

Change requires you to let go - of old behaviors, old relationships, and even old beliefs about yourself and the world. That can be a gut wrenching process, but you don't have to go through it alone. Each month, you'll receive a monthly video that coaches you on how to overcome specific challenges you face on the path to radical change.


Cross-cultural Podcast

You'll get to know people from different cultures around the world who are working to heal the human psyche and body and Earth's ecosystems. The podcast is hosted by Psyche Body Soul founder, Amanda Blain, and Kahindo Musungira, who is a journalist and former refugee from Congo. This podcast will offer you guidance on ways that you can change the world by acting locally and impacting globally.

Flower in Sunlight

Nature Therapy

Science has proven that connecting with nature improves our mental and physical health, and can even show us how to live more harmoniously. Each month, you'll receive a nature therapy protocol to help heal your stress and give you clarity about your life path and how to fulfill your own role in the ecosystem. These protocols will include hiking meditations, medicinal teas, herbal baths and more. 

Pink Lotus Flower

Somatic Therapy

When we're disconnected from our bodies, every symptom feels like a burden. But your body is really a portal into your emotional and spiritual dimensions, and it is here to show you what changes you need to make to be the most evolved version of yourself. Each month, you'll receive a somatic therapy practice to help you make the changes that are right for you. 

Group Planting a Tree

Regenerative Inspiration

Get inspired by monthly updates on international community projects focused regenerating the wellness of the human psyche, body, and spirit, and restoring Earth's ecosystems.  These projects will spark all sorts of new ideas for creating meaningful change in your own community. 

Walk in Nature

Community Discussion & Collaboration

The Golden Thread Social Media Group will connect you with like minds & kindred spirits about health and wellness, social change, ecologic restoration, and more paths for planetary health. 


"Before working with Amanda, I lived most of my life in my head and was disconnected from my body. Things were great on paper as I was living the way I thought I 'should' but I suffered from depression and insomnia, and felt a constant anxiety that always kept me asking, 'is there more to life than this?' 

With Amanda, a whole new world opened up for me. I was finally able to work through the patterns that were causing me to feel like I was just going through the motions in life. It was such a liberating process that completely changed my life path. 


She helped me trust myself to do what lights up my soul. I went from working in a 9-5 corporate job to being connected with nature every day. I could not be happier now, living in a way that feels aligned with what that deepest parts of me really want."

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