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Embodiment program for visionary leaders longing to make radical change for planetary health.

Are you an accomplished leader who wants to bring forth radical change for planetary health? 

Have you been feeling disillusioned because the life you've toiled to create no longer feels like the end-all-be-all for you?

Amid this discomfort, do you also feel the excitement of new possibilities?


 Have you been daydreaming about humanitarian projects and sustainable solutions for this planet?

Amid those visions, do you also feel an unease ... like you're not sure where to begin?

Do you feel fear about whether it's responsible, feasible, or acceptable to dramatically 

shift your life's mission? 

Do you recognize that your former coaches and mentors who helped you become a professional success are not the same people you can rely upon to nurture the higher visions of your soul?

Yes. This next chapter of your life will require a different type of mentor.

Someone who's been in your shoes. Someone who's stood in the gap between who they once were... and the new self emerging from within. 

In this high-touch, 1:1 mentorship program, you'll learn how to calm your nerves amid the growing pains of personal rebirth. 

You'll explore what other pioneers for change are doing to direct modern culture towards health, security, and abundance. 

You'll learn how to trust yourself to carry forth the visions that live inside of you. 

You'll put structure beneath your new passion-driven mission. 

All while nurturing the deepest needs of your psyche, body, and soul. 

You've landed on this page because you're meant to be here. 

As a leadership coach, holistic therapist, and co-founder of Primal Corazón Nature Retreat and Learning Center, I help visionary leaders make radical change for planetary health. 


Our programs have NEVER failed at helping clients manifest the breakthroughs they were seeking. 

In this 3-stage, high-touch, 1:1 program you will explore: 

Stage 1: Ground your Visionary Energy
In the gap between the life you've been living and the new visions you wish to embody, there is an anxious discomfort ... and the excitement of new possibility. 

You want to walk in a new direction ...  but worry, fear, and confusion keep creeping in. 

In Stage 1 of our work together, we will examine your concerns about how change could destabilize your current life. You'll be given a Holistic Therapy plan to calm your nerves, heal your fear, and balance your body as you answer the inner call towards a new path.
Stage 2: Building Self-Trust
Mind Relaxation
Amid radical change, your mind is going to give you lots of reasons to abandon ship and maintain the status quo. You will feel torn by the expectations of others, the narratives of the mainstream, and what lives inside of your heart. 

Your visionary energy was given to you for a reason: to serve the planet. Yet you may still be pulled to repress your visions - to keep doing what others expect from you. That's a tough place to be, and this is why high-touch mentorship is needed. 

In Stage 2, we will work at the level of your subconscious to overcome your emotional blockages to change. You will engage in a transformative inner journey that enables you to trust your visionary self ...  

Because what lives inside of  you is meant to have a place in the world. And you know you won't feel complete without it. 

Stage 3: Nurture Your Vision
Team Hugging
Visionary energy is contagious. That's why it's important to surround yourself with other visionaries who have made radical change for planetary health. 

In Stage 3, you will explore the realm of social entrepreneurs, humanitarian businesses, and regenerative projects led by professionals who left the status quo to become pioneers of new possibility. 

You will explore you own unique energy signature - the uniqueness that you bring to the planet through your own heart and soul, and how to initiate action in alignment with who you truly are and what you long to birth in the world. 

You will also be introduced to a team of experts who help conscious entrepreneurs stabilize their visions through business planning and development. 

Our programs have never failed at delivering the breakthroughs clients were seeking! 

"Before working with Amanda, my life looked great on paper, but I had struggled with extreme anxiety, years of insomnia, depression, and a sense of disillusionment ... feeling like there had to be more to life, but not knowing what that was or how to access it.


I've since undergone a liberating process. I've gone from working a 9-5 in an office to working in nature everyday. Now, instead of constantly thinking and worrying, I'm living in alignment with what the deepest part of me actually wants."

-Evan in Denver

"The power of Amanda's support continues to ripple in my life. 


I've made some drastic shifts. My mental habits have changed. I moved to a new city and launched a new career that is far healthier for me. For once, I am thinking about myself and not being distracted by giving all of my energy away to draining relationships.


An important transformation has happened, and I would not have this level of connection in my life if it wasn't for Amanda's impact." 

-Chris in New York

Train with Amanda Blain
Holistic Biopsychosocial Therapist
Stress and Trauma Specialist 
Leadership Coach

For over 13 years, I have collaborated with mind-body science experts, United Nations consultants, and leadership coaches throughout the world. I've led thousands of classes in 6 countries - all focused on helping individuals heal the root cause of stress and make radical life change. 

Today, Psyche Body Soul's programs have never failed at delivering clients the breakthroughs they were seeking! 

To learn more about the program specifics, click here to receive more info or book your discovery call today! 

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