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Amanda Blain

Holistic Biopsychosocial Therapist 

Stress and Trauma Specialist

Leadership Coach 


I can feel it fall away, 


The old, the dead, 


Pieces of me are not pieces of me are no longer pieces of me.


Truth leads, and the skin is shed.


Suddenly it’s different paintings inside of my head.

You can feel it, and so can I. It's inescapable... 

You’re HERE, reading these words right now because we're interwoven by a common thread:

The craving for change. For revolution. To have some solace that your children are not going to inherit a world of unfixable trauma and irreparable ecological loss.

Yes, dear human. I feel you, and it's okay to be sad or uncertain about your next steps (or even to feel as if you’ve lost faith in humanity). 

Sometimes, that darkest place inside of our soul is exactly where we need to go to gain the perspective that we need to rebirth our life purpose. 

We are shifting. Into a new paradigm. All over the world.

In fact, right now, I'm writing you from my home here in Guatemala where our indigenous Mayan neighbors are protesting to uphold democracy. The struggle is real! And the people aren't backing down. 

This revolutionary energy is all over the globe right now because we are living in a pivotal time in human history (and in natural history) in which we CANNOT consent to the unconscious, self-centric leadership that has degenerated the wellness of our psyche, body, and planet. 

Every cell in our bodies knows that we must turn the ship around. And we cannot wait for political leadership to direct us on how to do that. 


Instead, we must contact that deepest part of ourselves. The part of you where your bleeding heart for the world resides. 


The part that craves change. The part that doesn’t know what that will mean for you, but that you’re going to be brave enough to take a chance. 

Because what lies behind you is NOT the way forward. And you know that, down to your root.


When we work together, it's not about numbing you up so you can return to the status quo. 

I’m here to help you undo the damage that stress has done to your psyche and body. 

I’m here to help you answer questions like, "What's my role in the ECOSYSTEM" ... and "Why am I here, in this crazy time in human history?" 

I’m celebrating this new feeling that’s sweeping over your soul, the one that’s telling you to widen your life purpose… to do something that re-generates the health of our planet.

But for now… we must allow ourselves to FEEL, as deeply as we can feel, the wounding of the old paradigm upon our hearts.

We must allow the world, in all its chaos, to TRIGGER us, and then we must pull our pain and frustration even CLOSER. So we can understand, inside and out, what we’re walking AWAY from.


Because you, and me, and millions like us across the world… are in the process of breaking-up with our former motivations, the obsolete consciousness of outdated leadership, and the self we once were. So we can grow the scorched ground green. 

To learn more about me, see my bio below. 

Witnessing the psyche-body connection in real time

As a Patient Care Consultant working with dialysis clinics in Chicago, I observed the link between mental health and physical health. I implemented comprehensive programs to include psychological support, nutrition, and patient and family education. The clinics with which I worked began to report reductions in hospitalizations and improved outcomes. This was quantifiable evidence that addressing the psyche and body as a connected whole really works. 

I was inspired by the success of my programs, but disillusioned by industry norms that prioritized profits over impact. It was time to explore alternate paths to serve. In 2013, I joined the U.S. Peace Corps. 

Training with mind-body researchers
and social development pioneers

I was sent to Limpopo, South Africa, where I lived and worked among the Venda tribe and apprenticed with two former United Nations consultants and mind-body science experts who forever changed my worldview, David Patient and Neil Orr. 

David was diagnosed with HIV in 1983, when he was told by doctors that he had maybe 6 months to live. At a time when modern medicine had no answers for him, he pioneered his own holistic treatment plans including nutrition, mental health support, and emotional healing. He lived another 34 years beyond his initial fatal prognosis (22 of which were without any antiretroviral therapy), and was one of the longest living person with AIDS until 2017 when he died of other causes.


For over 20 years, David collaborated with psycho-neuro-immunologist Neil Orr on international projects for social, health, and economic development. Together they co-authored the book, The Healer Inside You. Under their tutelage, from 2013-2015, my understanding of the psyche-body link expanded beyond anything I'd learned through mainstream education. With their support, I collaborated with my host community to launch projects in permaculture and nutrition, youth empowerment, and leadership development that the community carries-on today.

Healing PTSD with body-centered therapy

After 14 months of Peace Corps service, I developed debilitating asthma, inflammatory disease, and a hormone imbalance. Doctors offered numerous medications, but none were effective. 

This struggle led me to Thotme, a Body-Centered Psychotherapist (trained in The Hakomi Method) and spiritual teacher, who helped me realize that I had been overworking in an unsustainable manner, leading to early signs of autoimmune disease. This was a pattern stemming from unhealed trauma and a subconscious fear of "not being enough." It was time to heal myself.  


Where talk therapy seemed to reinforce my old ways of feeling and operating, body-centered therapy helped me heal from decades of trauma and gradually all of my symptoms disappeared.


I became inspired to help others achieve similar results, and apprenticed with Thotme for over five years while continuing education through the National Institute for the Clinical Application for Behavioral Medicine. I have learned from the world's leading trauma experts in Dr. Peter Levine's Trauma Healing program, Dr. Pat Ogden's Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Dissociation and the Body, and Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk's Traumatic Stress Studies Certificate program.


Implementing a bio-psycho-social approach

Red Rocks HOme.jpg

Today, my comprehensive approach incorporates aspects of Chinese Medicine, Holistic Psychology, Movement Therapy, Body-centered Trauma Support, Herbalism, Regenerative Health and Education, and Leadership Development. My programs have proven successful even for participants who were previously discouraged by DECADES of mainstream medicine and therapy. 


Psyche Body Soul now reaches subscribers in 17 countries, and I work remotely to support clients from all over the world. Opportunities for in-person support will expand with the opening of Primal Corazón, a nature center on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, where program graduates will be invited to cultural immersions beginning in 2025. 

Seeing life changing results...

I'm here to offer solutions that reunite us with the medicine of natural design. 

It's powerful to finally see results when nothing else seemed to help.

To see what clients are saying, click here. 

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